Conflict and Confluence

From the Editors

Note from Fiction Editors April Flynn and Jacob Spears
Home on Leave by Katey Schultz
Very Hot Summer by William Cass
Tungsten, Tennessee by Jason Clearfield
Amboyna by Steven Roiphe
Men Set Out To Be Heroes and Injuries of Nerves and Their Consequences by Deborah Flanagan
Off the Cuff and Off the Grid: An Interview with Paul Yoon
Truth in Imagination: An Interview with Justin Torres

Note from Poetry Editors John Calvasina and Lauren Russell
Soldier’s Monument, Mauch Chunk, PAAmish County, Lancaster, PA;
and Museum of the Living Word by Sarah Heady
Urban Theology by Gregory Lawless
Lissa Kills the Snake and Greg and I Kill the Snakes by Elizabeth Deanna Morris
She Turns to Her Love’s Furled Fist in Bed by Lisa Grove
Special Contribution: La Observadora and an audio recording of MAY BE! by Rodrigo Toscano
Special Contribution: The Greatest Threat;The Hippocratic Oath; and October by Joanna Fuhrman
Writing on the Knife’s Edge: an Interview with Natasha Trethewey

Note from Nonfiction Editors Nikki Carroll and Tim Maddocks
Lesson in Containment by Lindsey Scherloum
Three Pieces by Lisa Forrest
Nesting Uncanny by Adam Eastman Kullberg
Influence, Chaos, and the Art of Open Ended Research: An Interview and Q&A with Eula Biss

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